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Classified Ad Guidelines

**Due to continued ignorance and abuse I have had to change the time it takes for your ads to be published. You will now have to wait for your ad to be approved after posting. Once your ad is approved, it will be published immediately.**


How to Post A Free Classified Ad:

CLICK on 'PUBLISH Your Ad For Free"

SELECT  a category that fits what your AD is about

CHOOSE the title of your AD meaning WRITE THE NAME of your ad NOT the URL link. E.g. Lose Weight Fast

DESCRIBE what your AD is about, including details such as any telephone numbers, etc.

ADD the cost of the item, if applicable

CLICK to add images. CLICK 'BROWSE' and UPLOAD IMAGES from your computer (one at a time)

FILL in the COUNTRY where your item is located.

CHOOSE a sub-category to fit your AD


*OPTIONAL: WRITE  the URL or Website Link that you wish persons to visit. E.G.  

*OPTIONAL: ADD a Youtube video by inserting the url link from Youtube.


CLICK PUBLISH and that’s it!    Your ad will be live upon approval.

REMEMBER to share your ad with your friends.



Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to place an ad?

All ads are placed for up to 30 days at no cost to all members.


How do you make money if your site is free?

I make money whenever someone wishes to keep their ad in focus by requesting a premium listing. Proearnja is also supported through banner advertising.


What is a premium listing?

Premium ads run for 30 days. They are rotated in the slide at the top of the website on condition that they have an added image. They also appear more often than the normal ones ie.: at the top of the search page. Premium ads are also shared on Twitter and in Facebook groups.


How do I get a premium listing?

Presently, you may choose to pay for a premium listing at a cost of $5 USD per month. See the options after you have created your ad.

**making your ad premium keeps it in focus**


Why do I have to register?

You are required to register so that you can manage your ads, including editing, adding new listings and participating in our free giveaways.

Tip:  Update your profile with your website information and links so that even without an active ad you can receive visitors to your site.


I already have a website???

If you already have a website, this is just a free way to increase exposure for your business. You can link your listings back to your website thereby creating free backlinks. The more exposure you have, the more search engine friendly your site becomes and the more people will see your website.

 Why is my ad not showing?

Your links may not be working or your ad may have violated some of the rules. Please check to see that you are abiding by the terms



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