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About Proearnja Classifieds

Proearnja free online classified website was created to help broadcast your goods and services in Jamaica and worldwide. Register a free account and list it, buy it, sell it or earn it. It is a win, win situation. As I advertise to generate traffic to my website and my classifieds, interest will be directed toward your ads and my website, thereby giving us both the exposure we desire. 

I ask for your help in making this site an enjoyable experience for all users so while I appreciate your support, I would prefer that you take note of the following:

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Proearnja is my personal website. I created it in 2009 to recommend various opportunities that I found to be legitimate in their promise to help the stay at home mom or dad, entrepreneur or anyone who is interested in earning some extra income.

I welcome and appreciate your participation and wish us all success in our endeavours.

Mevonnie Hugh


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