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Why People Buy Things?

Ever bought something and weeks later wonder why in the world you bought it. That’s because our emotions and attitudes can influence how and why we buy things. So let’s get straight to it, here are a few examples of why people spend money:


My high school bestie is coming by and I’m in a panic because I’ve been procrastinating all week and I’m a mess! Anxiety! Stress! Major Panic! Why? The need to impress. I feel the need to buy a new outfit, get a new hairstyle, have my nails done, what?!


Okay, so Devon came to class wearing a brand new red Nike Tanjun and I all but lost it! I looked down at my tired looking feet and got very angry. Jealousy was taking control of me.


Would you believe the boss told me I had to work through the weekend to get this presentation ready for Monday morning, bright and early? I wish I could be like Joe and Frank who didn’t have to work through their weekends. I envied them with a passion.


This jerk chicken is soo good that I just had to have a second plate. And even though I was feeling full, I couldn’t resist adding some of the pork and lobster too. Guess I was just being greedy?! Don’t judge …. you didn’t taste the chicken!


Last month I went to a friend’s funeral. He had cancer of the throat as a result of years of smoking. Suddenly I am concerned about my health. I realise that this a wake-up call to quit poisoning myself and start eating healthy.  


It’s Valentines again and Keisha and I are exchanging gifts. Would you believe she gave me a gift certificate to one of the best health spas in Kingston? And what did I get her? A chocolate gift set!  Now I’m busting my brains to see what I can get for her birthday to make up for this guilty feeling.


You get dressed for work wearing the same set of uniforms each and every day but every once in a while you feel like really turning it up. Ever wake up with a craving for something new? It’s just the happy mood that I’m in and I feel like rewarding myself.


So Bill swears by the healing power of the aloe vera gel and showed me the bottle that he took a last drink from. Funny enough I followed his recommendation and got one too.


I hear Payless is having a “buy one, get one ½ off” sale so I’m heading there now. Can’t miss that kind of bargain.


I don’t really have any need for this ice maker but just in case I need it, I’m taking advantage of this great price.


These mechanics are charging an arm and a leg to fix my car…. and if you want to get something done properly, you have to do it yourself, right?  So better if I learn to fix it myself and save some money.


Basic necessities. Yes, we were going to buy it anyway because we must satisfy our basic need for food, shelter and clothing. Humans must buy that which is essential to our well-being.


Get the idea?


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Author:  Mevonnie Hugh - admin for Proearnja Classifieds and an affiliate marketer/independent business owner who promotes business opportunities & healthy living both online and offline. 

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