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They say that sharing is caring and at Proearnja Classifieds we care about your ads. We care that you took the time to notice us and stop by. We care so much that even though you did not spend a cent with us, we will share your ads on our social media pages with our friends and followers for you.


You hear about stories with videos or photos going viral, have you ever heard about words going viral? No? You see, it is proven that ads or content with images are more persuasive and therefore get more views than those without. Images can inspire and motivate. They can grab the attention of your audience and gain interaction.  If that is the case, why not harness the power of pictures?


Make your advertisements more clickable and shareable. Add up to four images to your ad and make people want to share your content. When someone shares your content, it means that they have found your information interesting, valuable or relevant.


More shares means more publicity for your brand so post your free ads with us and we will give them priority shares on social media.

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